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    slot machine

    HME Product Jackpot

    Attendees at year's edition of Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas will rake in a jackpot of HME products and business services at the event's April 17-18 expo. We’ve rounded up some of the top offerings that will be on display on the show floor. 04/01/2019

  • Provider Strategy

    Clinically Speaking: Group 2 vs. Group 3

    Determining which type of power wheelchair is right for a client requires 'knowing the code' as well as understanding patient needs. 01/01/2019

  • Product Profile
    XLR14 Group 2 complex rehab chair

    Filling a Unique Mobility Niche

    Shoprider's XLR14 Group 2 complex rehab chairs aren't full-blown CRT, but they help patients with needs that go beyond a basic, Group 1 device. 10/01/2018

  • New Leader Takes Reins at Vantage Mobility

    Corporate leader with a consumer-focused background Mark Shaughnessy will lead both VMI and its AMS Vans division. 09/13/2018

  • Thomas Babacan Takes Reins at Sunrise

    New president and CEO brings a long career of corporate leadership to wheelchair and scooter maker. 08/30/2018

  • Product Spotlight:

    Quantum Unveils Edge 3 with SRS Technology

    New complex rehab chair responds to market feedback by incorporating Smooth Ride Suspension, other key features. 06/07/2018

  • Editor's Note

    Not an Option

    Why won't Medicare fund power elevation? It should be a basic power chair capability by now. 04/01/2018

  • Business Solutions
    standard power mobility

    Standard Power's Gear Change

    Providers of standard power mobility have dealt with reimbursement and regulatory upheaval for several years now. Have they finally established a profitable and sustainable business model? We talk to some experts to cut through the hype and see where standard power providers are finding real revenues and better margins. 04/01/2018

  • Don't Forget Accessories

    Even if a provider is fully focused on Medicare, it can boost revenues by offering upgrades. What should providers keep in mind when expanding their accessories business? 04/01/2018

  • Compass Health Hires New Executives to Drive Post-Acquisition Growth

    New hires include Zenko as SVP of HME division, Blockinger as VP of strategic accounts, Scarsella as national sales director, and Kaplan as VP of product management. 03/15/2018

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  • Understanding the Group 2 Complex Rehab Opportunity

    Mobility providers are missing out on a key revenue and care opportunity with Group 2 complex rehab. Learn how to serve this important mobility patient segment — and grow your business in the process.

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